courses developed / conducted

2016 - 2018

Teaching and course creation at the University of the Sunshine Coast:

Program Coordinator, Bachelor and Master of Counselling Programs
COU701 & COU781 - Advanced Counselling Skills 1 & 2
COU706 - Counselling of Children and Young People
COU200 - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
COU101 - Theories of Counselling
COU754 & 755 - Research Project A & B


Teaching and course creation at the University of Adelaide:

Teaching, Post Graduate Course Coordinator
GEN PRAC 7014 - Counselling of Children and Adolescents
GEN PRAC 7013 - Family and Relationship Counselling
GEN PRAC 5007 - Attachment Across the Lifespan
GEN PRAC 7006 - Mindfulness-based Counselling Applications
GEN PRAC 7019 - Expressive Therapies – Creative Arts in Counselling

2013 - 2015

Courses developed and taught for the Graduate Program in Counselling and Psychotherapy, at the University of Adelaide:

Creation of 3 new courses:
GEN PRAC 7013 - Family & Relationships Counselling
GEN PRAC 7014 - Counselling of Children & Adolescents
GEN PRAC 7019 - Expressive Therapies: Creative Arts in Counselling

Courses re-written from scratch:
GEN PRAC 700 - 6 Mindfulness-based Counselling Applications
GEN PRAC 7003 - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Trauma
GEN PRAC 5007 - Attachment Across the Lifespan


Supervision Alliance, Adelaide:

The Art and Science of Supervision
Co-designed and co-taught. A 6 month course designed for PACFA national standards.

2009 - 2012

Unit content developed, co-ordinator, lecturer and tutor for counselling units at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle campus:

Bachelor in Counselling
CN102 Personal Growth Group
CN201 Couples and Families Counselling
CN207 Meditation and other Stress Reducing Techniques
CN302 Personal Growth and Group Facilitation Training
CN304 Guest lectures Special Topics in Counselling
Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills
CN414 Case Studies and Supervision
CN413 Couples and Families Counselling
Masters in Counselling
CN503 Counselling Couples and Families
CN606 Dissertation Supervision
Guest lectures in Grad. Cert. in Mental Health Counselling
Unit: CN512 - Professional Issues in Mental Health Counselling
Lecture titles:
Professional Issues: Stress and Burnout
Community Agency Work vs Private Practice
The Future of Mental Health Counselling Research

2007 - 2008

Pathways to Student Wellbeing - Proactive, practical skills for improving communication, emotional support and resilience
Recognised by ACA, CAPA, Scripture Union, Qld.
8-day program for school chaplains and GOs.
For: The Australian Council for Educational Research in conjunction with Scripture Union.
(Course designed and written, but not yet implemented)

2006 - 2011

The Innerspace Programs Proactive Groupwork Program for Emotional Literacy, Student Well-being and Resilience
Recognised by ACA, CAPA, Education Queensland.
2-day training for teachers, GOs, social workers, psychologists, chaplains and private practitioners.
Level One - Junior - 7 to 9 year olds
Level Two - Middle School - 10 to 14 year olds
For: Expressive Therapies Institute of Australia, Education Queensland

1998 - 2011

mark pearson with malaysian students

Mark with Malaysian students

Certificate in Expressive Therapies with Children and Adolescents Somatic Focussed, Creative Counselling for Emotional Integration
Recognised by PACAWA, ACATA, ACA, CAPA, Selangor Association for Play and Expressive Therapies, Ministry of Education, Singapore.
15 days, 105 hours (Co-developed with Helen Wilson)
Conducted annually around Australia since 1991, Singapore since 2001, Malaysia since 2005.
For: Expressive Therapies Institute of Australia, Agape Counselling Centre Malaysia, Academy of Human Development Singapore

1991 - 2011

Certificate in Sandplay Therapy and Symbol Work
Recognised by PACAWA, ACATA, ACA, CAPA, Malaysian Psychotherapy Association, USQ, UQ.
105 hours - co-developed with Helen Wilson
Conducted annually around Australia since 1991, in New Zealand 2006 - 2007, Singapore 2010.
For: Expressive Therapies Institute of Australia, Marco Creative Arts Trust Auckland, St. Andrews Lifestreams St. Andrews Mission Hospital Singapore

1995 - 2011

One-day Professional Extension Training Workshops
Counselling with Adult Clients:
Spirituality in Counselling: Exploring the spectrum of re-connection.
Healing and Improving Relationships. Symbol Work and emotion-focused approaches.
Building Strong Support Teams through personal growth.
Using Multiple Intelligence Theory and Practice: Responding to client needs.
Processing, Reflecting and Integration: Art and multiple intelligences in the healing journey.
Counselling with Children and Adolescents:
Expressive Therapies with Troubled and Traumatised Young Clients.
Working Through Anger and Frustration with Young Clients.
Introduction to Sandplay Therapy.
Grief, Loss and Separation: Emotion-focused approaches to counselling young clients.
Using Expressive Therapies in Pastoral Care: Supporting emotional expression.
Expressive Therapies in Schools: Counselling activities to reduce difficult behaviour.
The Arts in Creative Counselling: Music, rhythm and mandalas.
Introduction to Symbol Work for Counsellors: Projective activities with miniatures.